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Remember, you are trying to sell a home. You want to show off the home and landscape from angles and levels that will look the most professional. Photos are easier to set up and as we mentioned in an earlier blog you can take multiple shots with different settings. In the picture below, not only is the lighting very bad but a picture of the roof makes for a boring and pretty useless photo.

This is an example of a bad angle and level

When shooting video, different angles and levels are necessary but will provide a whole different set of challenges. Most videos that you shoot for your realtor-client are not going to be more than 3 minutes long, by rule, because most people are not going to watch something much longer. So, covering the whole property without bad angles and levels can be tough. We may go into more detail, at a later date, about shooting video if I get enough interest.

The picture below shows a roof shot but, in this case, is necessary to show the pool, the landscape and the property's relationship to the neighborhood. This birds-eye view is usually my last shot.

A high-level shot, that, is a necessary angle to capture the whole property

There are other considerations when photographing homes and property. Many times your client will not want neighboring properties to be seen in the pictures. Some times this is inevitable but at the very least you don't want the property next door to detract from the property you are trying to focus on. One of my main realtors usually wants a few shots at about 10' then another set at 50' then a few at about 100' and finally a birds eye

Ranch home in Crawfordville, Fl

view as in the example above. The photo to the left is at a good level and angle and is about 50' high.

Next, don't feel like you have to photograph every side of the house. Sometimes those photos are just boring.

Side shot of a house

The photo to the right is a nice shot except for the fact that it's just plain boring. The realtor didn't want it. On that point, make sure you know what your realtor wants. Shoot the requested photos and a whole lot more. It's not costing you anything to take lots of pictures and your customer will appreciate the extra work.

Please post your questions and comments. Keep it friendly and respectful. The more input we get the better.

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