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Designing invoices is the easiest part

I use a simple WORD doc. for my invoices. I use the same form to send an estimate and to invoice the client. If you click on the Doc. link above you can download the one I use, just change the information. Most of my clients do not require a written estimate but if they do I have one. I offer my clients 30-60 photos (depending on the size of the job and customer preference). I don't charge by the photo, just for the time. Secondly, I offer them a website ready video. Once I have edited the video to my satisfaction I upload it to my YouTube page. You can create your own YouTube page for free as well. You have to make the video public and then email the YouTube link to the customer. If it's a realtor they will upload the link to the MLS (multiple listing service). I use to load my photos and from there you can share the pics with your customer.

As you will see I have been charging $50/hour both for the shoot and post-editing time. If I have to travel I charge for one way mileage and for the time to arrive there. If you do some research you will find out that many photographers charge a whole lot more. However, if you are like me, you are not an experienced professional photographer. You may be able to charge more. It doesn't hurt to try but most local realtors are not going to pay much more. I may be wrong. For a single home, my charges usually total $100.00 to $200.00.

When I'm talking with a new client I make sure they understand that I will guarantee their satisfaction. To do that I send them the first cut on both videos and photos. They have the opportunity at that time to ask for changes or additional shots or a total redo. If you have communicated well with your client you should have a good idea of what it is they want to begin with.

Once the customer has indicated their satisfaction I will email them an invoice. I take either PayPal payments or they can send me a check. I'm sure you can do this however you like.

Please post your questions and comments. Keep it friendly and respectful. The more input we get the better.

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