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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

It's not that difficult to get a local realtor to give you a try. I highly recommend setting up

There are a lot of properties for sale

a LinkedIn account. Put a small paragraph in there that you are a Part 107 UAV certified drone pilot. Talk about your experience and that you specialize in real estate photography. Then search for realtors, brokers, construction (inspections and work progress photos), both commercial and residential, architects, photographers (to work with on projects), videographers, utility companies (line and tower inspections), law enforcement (search and rescue) and more. Then with each person you find, ask for a connection. When they give you that connection (and they will), send them a message about who you are and what you have to offer them. You can cut and paste your introduction paragraph for use on each connection. You will be surprised how many potential clients will make this connection.

I highly recommend that you build a basic website. You will have to purchase a domain name for that purpose. I used but there are other sites. Obviously, I have used for my website. It's free and easy to use and you can upgrade later after you have a little money coming in. You'll need the website to show examples of your work and to have an internet presence.

You'll need some business cards. I use Vistaprint. You can get 100 cards for under $10. Visit some of your local realtors, drop off some cards but even better, join your local Chamber. This has proven to be the most valuable resource of all. Go to the Chamber luncheons and make those contacts. It will give you the opportunity to put your cards around the tables and talk face to face with interested parties. You can ask to be one of the guest speakers at one of the luncheons. You will be surprised who might be interested in what you are offering other than just realtors (outdoor events, weddings, county and city beautification projects, and more) Don't be afraid to do some intro jobs for free. That opens doors as well.

Please contact me with assistance on building a website, designing your cards or any other questions you have.

Please post your questions and comments. Keep it friendly and respectful. The more input we get the better.

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